Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Tribute to Recently-Relocated Friends

*Note: My team at work has a newsletter each month. This month's edition included the following article. I loved it so much I decided to put it out here.

By Robert Charles Karcher, Esq.

Sametime shall not be the same, for its staunchest guardian has, for now, departed this fair shire for places more Carolina-y. His barb’ed wit and his knowledge of what can and cannot be found in Callflows and the importance of checking there first has flown south and east, leaving a hole in our collective heart. A Geske among Geskes, a man of vision and a master of vision correction technology who is no doubt sharing that vision with the good folk of Charlotte e’n as I pen these lines.

And what of the fair Stephanie, striding forth, wrapped in a warming blanket of wisdom? She is also missed, for both her gentle guidance and keen eye for hardship documentation. Yea verily, I am honoured to care for her porcine papier-mâché friend whilst she is away, for it is a daily reminder of her service and dedication; it is not the same as having her here among us, but it doth ease the sting of loss by the merest fraction, and for that I am most grateful, O small round pink one.
We shall be reunited in good time, Matthew and Stephanie, and until that day arrives, you shall dwell forever in our hearts…and on Sametime…and email….oh, forget it.

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