Monday, June 14, 2010

Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway...

In just two days, I will be on the road heading to a family reunion. I'm excited.

There is the driving factor; but it doesn't seem to bad. My fam and I will be driving down the road in two vehicles. We'll be packing lunches and snacks, stopping at various places. Seeing the sights, and maybe picking up a meal at Sonic.

There is the rest factor; There will be hotel stops and trips to the pool. We'll be taking pictures, playing games. There will be laughter. Inevitably my mom and my aunt will do things to embarrass me and my cousin and brother. Inevitably, I'll join in on the fun, and we'll torture my cousin until we catch him smiling on camera. I'm sure there will be singing, and probably a little southern talkin' as well.

There is the family factor; Sometimes, it's easy to forget what's important. It's easy to get busy, and worried and stressed, and wrapped up in the little things. Laundry, bills vacuuming and let's not forget the trash and getting gas (two of my least favorite things to do). Then, something happens, maybe it's little thing. It could be a card, or a commercial, or a Bible verse. Sometimes it's looking at pictures. But something happens, that makes you remember and think of what's important. And that's family and friends. I love my family, and I am so looking forward to spending time with them, and seeing the family I've not seen in so long.

I suppose I should start packing!
Happy Monday, ya'll!

Friday, June 11, 2010

June Days

This weekend I have the pleasure of having a friend hang with me. Which is GREAT. She's going to be leaving soon to head out to California, so it's nice to have time to hang together! Tonight we went to Cheesecake Factory (oh my word- so good) watched a movie, chatted, etc.... You know fun girl stuff.

I'm sure not all of you remember this, but I previously (previously as in, before school and new job) I liked to pull out one of my many cook books and try cooking something new.

I've tried my hand at that again a few times.

The results turned out, well, I must say not too bad.

Ingredients for chocolate covered strawberries and stuffed peppers:
(And the glasses in the back? I like drinking milk out of those!)

Chicken Asparagus Pasta:
And one of my best memories with Lou. A little shoe shopping!

'Nite to all.
Talk to ya,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Way to Go!!!!!

Last night I was a little distracted by this so no blog post as a result.
Will post again tonight!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Just to prove I've not forgotten

I have a new kitchen cabinet. I love it. I took a picture and had planned on posting it here, but it's not uploading on my computer.

So..... soon. I realize I've said it multiple times, but soon I'll get the pictures posted!

Night all!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday, Monday

I decided to take weekends off from writing. I'm hardly back in to the game, but I'm forcing myself =) Not that I have too much to say.

I decided to write 10 random facts about myself that you may, or may not know.

  1. Red is my favorite color. Always. I like that it's bright and vibrant and bold. All the things I would like to be myself.
  2. I bought a picnic basket today. Sometimes I hate Target. They have such bright colors and fun outdoorsy items, I had to buy it. It screams me. Can you hear it from where you are at?
  3. When I write out a to do list, I always include things I have already done, just so I have something I can automatically cross off.
  4. One day, I would like to go to Greece. I would also like to do an Alaskan cruise, and a Mediterranean cruise. One day.
  5. Currently I am reading two books at once.
  6. The one item I lost in my most recent move was my keyboard pedal.
  7. I love eating tomatoes with salt.
  8. I keep forgetting to buy a scanner for my computer. But, as soon as I do, I have plenty of pictures that will incriminate a lot of people. You know who you are. There were plenty of Bible Quiz trips, camps and choir tours to take down just about all you Calvary kids. As I said, you know who you are. =)
  9. Super Mario Brothers is my favorite video game.
  10. When I was growing up, my favorite band was Petra. Look them up. They were COOL.
All for now.
On to Tuesday!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Writing before midnight....

Giving myself a deadline for posting has actually worked well. This was started before midnight on June 4th, so I'm counting it for today.

Summer (while it's not actually here yet, it's here), is starting off quite nicely. The weather has been wonderful, a mixture of hot, and humid, cool, breezy and thunderstorms.

Tuesday night, my friends and I met at a restaurant in a nearby town. The weather was perfect. The bugs, while they appeared to enjoy eating up my friends, stayed away from me. We sat outside eating, talking and laughing, until it was definitely past the time to go.

Tonight, I was off to Six Flags. The beauty of a season pass, is you can show up for an hour, and ride seven rides. Parking is free. The park is free. And, hey, the laughter is free.

The night was perfect for driving with the windows open. So, we did.

Happy summer everyone!
Life is good.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

And, I'm back

That hardly was a blog post. however, I figure, my blog, my rules.
So I'm modifying my goal to be 30 posts, in 30 days. I figure this will be a good way to keep my mind working while not in school.

I could use writing prompts that the website offers up. The other thought I had was to google writing prompts.
That led to all sorts of fun and interesting topics. None of which were standing out to me for tonight, but maybe during one of these 27 remaining days.

Tonight, the weather is beautiful. It's cool, and beautiful. The sun is setting, and the first day of summer is quickly approaching.

I am happy.
How about you?

Ciao friends,

Not one to quit....Well, not really anyways....

Well, as I said this blogging M-F (which I checked the "rules" and it's really every day of the month) would be a challenge. I made it one day in. So I decided today I'd write twice.

So. I'll be back!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

National Blog Posting Month

I was around thirty feet. I had sixty more to go to reach the top, and I didn't want to move. I had repelled down, just about an hour previously, 120ish feet. At that moment, (the moment I reached the bottom), I was relieved. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins like a pulse. I was done with my challenge. My "fear" of heights didn't beat me. Then, I was grabbed, the rope was hooked to my harness.
"You're going back up."
I was gonna hike up the trail to the top.
But now. I was strapped in. Helmet was firmly in place. Belay was on, and I was going up.
The adrenaline was pumping again. That's when I found myself thirty feet up standing on a ledge. Stalling.
I didn't want to move. So, I didn' least for a while.

The cries from below were loud. "Stephanie, you can do it! You can do all things through Christ!"
That wasn't the point. I didn't want to climb.
But, would it be possible for us to get a rescue squad to get me down?

I signed up for National Blogging Month. I signed my name to the commitment. What's the commitment? I am required to write each day, Monday through Friday (I think just M-F). I may only make it through one day. Maybe two. Regardless, here's a toast to my best effort.

  • I finished my last term for school, (this could be old news, but oh well). I decided to take three months off. Settling in to my new apartment, and into my new job have been taking up much of my time. August will come, and I will start again. For now, my brain is enjoying the break.
  • In the mean time I have been reading. Books and books and books. Fun books as I call them. I have enjoyed losing myself in the stories. Practicing piano. Hanging with friends. Putting up pictures. Relaxing.
  • May closed out with a visit from the family. The 'rents and my bub came for a visit. We ate. Played games. Watched movies, and over all had a great weekend.
  • Over the next month, I'll be doing much of the same. Interjected with a trip to Texas, to a family reunion. Concerts and Six Flags. Hopefully some beach time with Party Barge II and some trips to the pool.
By the way, I did reach the top. We all celebrated. We danced and high fived as each person came up and over the top. There were tears. There was laughter.
I am glad I decided to move. And, it's been said before, but the view is always better from the top.

That's all for today.
Wish me luck on writing tomorrow!
Love to all,