Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A full tank and a clean car

Yesterday was a warm 60 some degrees. I decided to be productive and get a few things done on my lunch break. Namely, I needed to put gas in my car. I drove down the road and then I saw the gas station of my choice. The gas station was just recently opened, so all the gas pumps were still shiny and crying out to be used. The marquee that was towering over the road indicated that if I would purchase a car wash I would save 13 cents per gallon. (Let's pause right here. I realize that this is actually not really a deal. In order to "save" a dollar and sixteen cents I had to spend an extra five. So, I know it's not a deal, but it seemed convenient, and I needed to wash my car.) That "bargain" caused my heart to sing. YES! I need a car wash, and YES I want to "save" 13 cents a gallon. So that's what I did. I filled up my car, and quickly and happily drove around to the Car Wash. This is when my day really hit it's peak. This was not the new type of car washes that spray the water all around you while you sit stationary. This car was was one of those where you drive onto a belt thing-y and it moves you forward through a long tunnel. Not only that, BUT it did not just shoot water down at you. This car wash was decked out with spraying soap and water and the rubber washers that run along the tops and sides of any given car. It was just a few moments of relaxation, right in the middle of my work day. Let me tell you, there is nothing like sitting in the front seat of a car, moving along at a slow speed, no other traffic, listening to the radio, drinking a Dr. Pepper. I would go there every day if I could.

If only all of life was calm like a car wash...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tragedy on the Kennedy

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was a gorgeous 56 degrees. I was driving through Chicago with a thousand other commuters, clipping along at an okay speed. The sky line was in the distance, and my mouth was already watering from the thought of turkey and dressing.

That's when tragedy struck. Out of no where, between the hundreds of cars, I saw a very large rodent dodging between the lines of traffic. Unfortunately the rodent never made it to the other side. I was horrified. Yes, I am admitting that this is the first animal accident I have EVER had. I am still trying to recover. After years and years of driving, and never having hit any sort of animal... And this is after driving through the country... my streak ends- in the CITY of Chicago.

I will never be the same. And, unfortunately, neither will the rodent.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

National Defrost the Turkey Day

Coming very soon is one of my favorite holidays...THANKSGIVING!!
What makes that day so great? Well, let me tell you.

The smells. You know exactly what I am talking about don't you? There is nothing like waking up on Thursday morning to a delicious aroma. (All made possible by the turkey that my mother usually makes....FYI- I need to do the turkey this year.) And then there is the dressing, and some type of pie, and out new tradition of homemade icecream. I could go on and on, but my mouth is already watering. There is also the annual trip to the basement to drag out the Christmas decorations. (The basement is a whole other smell but we won't go there---JUST KIDDING!)

The sights. Always wonderful. There's my house. (Not MINE necessarily, but the place where all my memories live- AND my parents.) Then there's the cat- Shadrach. My mom and dad. My Aunt Janet and my brother John. My cousin Jake. There's Three Forks (the three trees we had set up as our detective head quarters.) There's the big burn pile in the back yard where I'm sure some type of very large creature lives. I can also see the stars. I always forget how dark it is when there are no street lights.

The sounds. Quiet. It's a small town, of course there's going to be quiet. So quiet you can hear it. But then walk into the Hunter House.... You can hear weird songs being sung by my mom and aunt. ("I can bring home the bacon..."). Loud shouting by family members playing Cranium. (Which I highly recommend). Pots and pans clanging. Me running into a wall...lol...just kidding.

All in all, it leads up to a terrific holiday. Food, family, fun....Could it possibly get ANY better?
See you soon family!!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Word of the Day...

Amalgamation, meaning to combine or unite into one form.
(In business, the result of mergers of companies)