Friday, November 24, 2006

Tragedy on the Kennedy

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was a gorgeous 56 degrees. I was driving through Chicago with a thousand other commuters, clipping along at an okay speed. The sky line was in the distance, and my mouth was already watering from the thought of turkey and dressing.

That's when tragedy struck. Out of no where, between the hundreds of cars, I saw a very large rodent dodging between the lines of traffic. Unfortunately the rodent never made it to the other side. I was horrified. Yes, I am admitting that this is the first animal accident I have EVER had. I am still trying to recover. After years and years of driving, and never having hit any sort of animal... And this is after driving through the country... my streak ends- in the CITY of Chicago.

I will never be the same. And, unfortunately, neither will the rodent.


Anonymous said...

nice job! i am still least there was no damage done to your car! be THANKFUL for that huh?

Anonymous said...

So how long was the kennedy shut down due to this tragedy?