Monday, December 31, 2012

A.I.M. High 2013

Ahh the new year. I can already feel the anticipation as I type this.  Apparently I'm overwhelmed by the anticipation because, I am already sitting in bed, lights out, and typing this quickly, and in moments will be flipping my laptop closed.

Every "New Year's Eve" is different for me. I have yet to establish a pattern, although it generally does involve me staying up until at least midnight, but what is life without change!! Sitting in the final moments of 2012 (I'm CST- So technically I have an hour and 8 mins) and reviewing the year I actually can understand why I am ready for sleep so "early." 2012 was tumultuous.  (Before I claim that word as my own, that was the word my mom actually used.) She then followed it up and said at the same time, we were greatly blessed.  It is true. This year of stress, and struggle, and weariness.... God also poured out his blessings.

In the last year I think I grew in ways I never thought possible. I've learned more about myself than ever before.  I accomplished goals I had wanted to for quite a while.  I went on trips, (learned that I'm not as good at driving long distances alone anymore- How on earth did I do drive so far while in college? With no cell phones!?) I made new friends, and old acquaintances became like family.  I found that the more I love, the more I have to give.

I bought a guitar, (Lessons to come), found a craft cabinet, figured out the sewing thing (Thank you Mrs. Gleim), learned that I love making things, sending emails, finding recipes, watching movies, laughing til I literally can't stand anymore, watching  Duck Dynasty, taking pictures, and that while I am totally a Hunter, I'm a Davis too.

This year I mastered mashed potatoes, worked on my pancakes, and dumplin's, and found that no matter the project, I tend to have the remains somewhere attached. (Tonight that means primer on my palms, but there's been syrup on my pants and hot glue on my arm.)

There were challenges.  My Daddio- (Kilo as we have tried to name him) gave us some scares as he took up vacationing in the "vacation home" in the local hospital... several times throughout the year.  Friends and families of friends have been sick. There have been tests, and hearing aids (okay, just one), accidents and sorrows that are too old to be soothed by band-aids.  Massive tragedies have wreaked havoc on our country and on our world, and we will never be the same.

My highest most important challenge for myself in 2013 is to remember to rely on God.  He was there through all of it.  Every bit.  Stephanie if He was there, WHERE was He?  Why didn't He do something?  We can ask.  We can type out and hash out and explain our theories, and our understandings, and it will never ever ever make sense. What I can tell you is that in the hardest moments, when things were most confusing,  when I would cry out to God with literally just a word, or a plea for help, He would answer with a blanket of peace. Imagine yourself comforted and warmed in such a way that your soul felt at peace.  Explain it? I cannot.  Accept it? I will.

I am messy. I do not do it "right." I am not always the best example. But, I will apologize and mean it when I am cross (or, when I wave my hand to shoo some of my employees away) or when I give you my cranky angry face. That is the beauty of the God I know.  He takes me just as I am. He doesn't give up on me. He loves me at my worst and ugliest.  He feels the same about you.

2013 is looming ahead.  I am excited. I am declaring that it will be a Year of Change. A Year of Growth. A Year to Be Proud Of.  It's gonna rock.

And you can take that to the bank, Jack.

See you in 2013.
Love to you all,