Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogging Sabatical

I have been MIA for a month now. I thought that during this month off of school I would avoid, as much as possible, spending hours and hours on the computer. Soon enough, May 4th to be exact, I will begin the daily life of a college student-- while the life of a college student who doesn't live in a dorm, go to classes, or receive care packages from home. (Although.... I still enjoy fresh baked goods and fun surprises in my mailbox- if you would like to send me a package let me know! I'll send you my address!)

What have I been doing over the last month? Let me tell you.

(Looks like I missed a spot!)
Washing windows
Oh- yeah washing walls and squishing water out from under my floor boards.


Playing piano
Practicing sign language
Making cards

Friends and Family:
On the phone
In Indiana
In Illinois
(This is my mom doing her famous trick. Yes, I do think it's cool, but I can't take her anywhere! And I really wanna understand how it works!)

Birthday parties

Next up -in four days- it'll be BACK to the BOOKS! Don't let that scare you. For those of you who know how wack-o I went during this last term, I'm pretty sure that won't happen again. I will NOT be taking 18 credits again, but rather sticking to 12. I also have trips planned, movies to see, dinners to attend, songs to get the picture.
I think I'm ready!