Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 29th on February 18th

February 29th. I have always been fascinated by February 29th. I am sure that my curiosity is no different than others. One particularly important (at least in my mind) is when do those born on February 29th celebrate their birthdays???

Regardless of if they chose to celebrate on February 28th, or March 1st, in 2008 I discovered (too late) that some choose to celebrate February 29th by doing particular items on the 29th. A list of 29 things to be more precise. I loved the idea!

One small loop hole- February 29th is in the middle of the week. Not on a day I'm planning to take off work, so me and my mind came up with another idea. In honor of February 29th, why not do 29 things on a Saturday instead? Armed with a friend, that exactly what I did...Today!

The preparation did not take too long (I got set up last night), and the festivities began today at 11 am, and did not finish until about 9:30 pm.

You may be asking yourself, What did they do? (Go ahead, and ask yourself.)
Well....... (not inclusive list but here are a few:)
  • Make a personalized t-shirt (check)
  • Completed your 2012 to-do list (check)
  • Memorize a new verse (check)
  • Go for a walk (check, check- 4 miles)
  • Create and mail a letter to a friend)
  • Find three new ways to "Go Green." (check)
  • Find the perfect lipstick (check)
  • Watch the sunset (check)
  • Eat chocolate (check)
  • Read a chapter from a book (check)
  • Take 29 pictures (check)
  • Play a card game (check)
  • Eat something delicious (check-----however, I am still on the quest for something oober delicious. We tried, and didn't quite accomplish what we were looking for. We had some very close. What would you consider delicious?!)
In addition, the majority of the pictures were taken on a good ole disposable camera- for fun. Now- we have to wait to see!

Nothing like livin' the good life!