Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh the Places You'll Go!

I am sitting in my apartment, literally surrounded by boxes of.. STUFF. I am moving. I feel like I should say, moving again although I guess it's not really been so recent as to say again, but it feels that way. Three years ago I moved to my apartment, and I was extremely excited. It was a new little place, cute and perfect for me.

I am just as excited to be moving, this time, ten minutes from where I currently live. I always find it amazing to look back and see what's changed. Yes I moved three years ago, but more than that, life is different now. New job, back to school, new decade. In the middle of all of this "chaotic-ness" I have been riding a bit of a roller coaster. I tend to not do so well when I feel like things are in an upheaval. That's what they have been as of late. But, here I am looking into next week, knowing that things will be okay, they will calm down (as much as life can be calm) and it will all be good.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend Cindy, looked at me and said, "Why do you think God can't give you good things?" I was at that moment experiencing anxiety. Waiting to hear about my new apartment. Waiting to start my new job. Waiting. Waiting. Worrying. It struck me, at that moment, that she was right, I don't always expect good things from God. While I hope, and sure even pray, for something good to happen, I find I rarely expect it. Why? I don't know. And yet, His awesomeness does surround me. He does bless me with good things- family, friends, good job, good car. His Word even says that He has plans for those who trust Him, follow Him and commit to His ways.

Psalm 81:6
He says, "I removed the burden from their shoulders;
their hands were set free from the basket."

So as I pack, and move, I am reminded that He will continually have good things in store for me.
What about you?

Quick updates:
  • This is the big move weekend! Today I picked up my keys, and tonight I begin the transfer of objects! Tomorrow I'll be all set! Maybe not unpacked, but at least moved in!
  • My new job started just a mere five days ago. So far, so good. Lots of reading and meeting new people, learning new things, and it'll be a challenge, but I'm up for it.
  • My term is almost up for the school year. I've finished all my exams. I will be taking a break for a few months as I get ready for the next term to begin.
  • I have ONE more day to post about my cruise journey, but I've had a bit going on. More to come very soon.
  • Time to change the blog template. Despite the snow we had just a few days ago, I'm pretty sure spring is about to settle in. Spring, for me, always comes with hope. Who doesn't love hoping that warm weather, sunshine and flowers are on the way!

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Pirate's Life for Me (Cruise, Day 7)

Friday January 22, 2010
Destination: Caribbean Sea (Saturday)

(Note: I am having a major font issue. Sorry for the different sizes and styles. You may not care, but it's driving me nuts! Any tips on permanently fixing this issue?)

Today was a day at sea. Keep in mind, the last time we actually were at sea the whole day, I wasn't quite feeling well. Today, however, I felt good. I was completely recovered from the night before. I felt good enough to walk around the boat, explore the sights, listen to the sounds, and dance to the beat.

My mom and I packed a bag, and set out with the daily cruise schedule, a book, a puzzle book, and video games. We were set. (I also had my large jug of water.)

First up, we headed to the pool side. "Sounds of the Caribbean." Not quite sure that it was authentic Caribbean music, but it was fun, the singers sang well, and the other members of the band were thoroughly excited about their gig. We had, I must admit, already eaten lunch. There was, however, a bar-b-que going on on the deck of the pool. My mom and I had to do a little sampling. Sometimes there's nothing better than a bar-b-qued hamburger, corn on the cob and a little side of fruit.

The Caribbean Musicians (And apparently some weird man, who may have thought I was taking a picture of him. I should crop it- maybe later.)

Next up, napkin folding. This is a serious business. A few things everyone should keep in mind if you decide to fold napkins:

  • Make sure the napkins are crispy-not crispy dirty, but crispy ironed.
  • Stiffer napkins fold easier and keep the shape.
Planning a dinner party? I can fold your napkins into a Bishop's Hat or a Lotus Flower. Give me a ring and I'm there.

I was lighting my mom's napkin candle.

Next up, off to hear some classical music. As a super, super, super amateur piano player, i love listening to classical piano music.

On to the next event, swing dancing.

My mom and I were gonna partner together. But, apparently we HAD to have a dance partner. I got put with this weird skinny guy. I think he about whipped my arms out of their socket. I’m no pro at swing dancing but HE was supposed to be the lead. There are four main steps to swing dancing. (Listen to me, er, read me. I sound like I'm an expert.) Well, this dance partner guy, he was TERRIBLE. He said to me at one point “oh the guy isn’t coming over here, it must be because we’re doing so good!” Um, no. Can anyone say whiplash? I'm surprised I can still use my arms and that there wasn't permanent damage done!

All of the things the guy told us to do, well, my dance partner paid no attention to them. And, he was so tall, he’d stretch out his arms, and fling me. My mom commented later about how it didn't look much like dancing, but instead like a violent attack. Imagine for a moment being me. I'm still traumatized. I was relieved when he had to leave early before the class ended.

In the meantime, while I was living through an act of terror, my mom was partnered with the DANCE TEACHER. Everyone was jealous of her because she was dancing with him. As we were leaving the comments were very kind to my mom. "Wow, you got to dance with the teacher! And you were so good too!"

Once my dance partner left, my mom and I just danced together. It was fun fun fun.


We then rushed back to our rooms and dressed all fancy for the evening festivities. Dinner, and then family pictures. We waited in a long line, but then sat and ate a delicious meal. (I tried lobster, which was amazingly much better than the bit of lobster I had tried before.) It was laughable when they brought out the appetizers. Apparently the purpose of an appetizer is to make a person hungrier.

The appetizer.

Lounging before the show.

For the next activity of the day, my mom and I went and saw Cirque Bijou.

Everything finally concluded with the chocolate bar. Chocolate fountains, chocolate statues, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

A chocolate Eiffel Tower. (I would have liked to have eaten that thing.)

I had a fun, relaxing day!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oh, it's just another day...

I haven't finished the final days from my cruise. I will finish it up soon. But for now some updates!

  • New job. Some of you may be rubbing your eyes and re-reading that two word sentence, but yes people. It's true. After being a CSA for nearly seven years at my beloved place of employment, I now have a NEW JOB. I'm still at the same place. But, I am no longer a CSA. I will be a Benefits Operation Manager (or BOM). What will I be doing? I have no idea. Ask me in 2 weeks.
  • New phone. Exciting, eh? It's a touch screen.
  • Stop signs. Apparently I'm distracted. Last night I was driving to the gym, and I made a routine stop at a stop sign. There I sat, and sat, and sat...for about three minutes. I was waiting for the light to change to green. Um?..... I have no idea. Fortunately, I figured it out before anyone came along behind me. Although maybe if they had I wouldn't have been waiting for so long!
  • It could be in the 40s this weekend. Can I hear a 50? Hello, Spring? Is that you???