Monday, April 05, 2010

Mi Casa, Su Casa (and the Final Cruise Update-Day 8)

It has only taken me, oh two months to post this last final update from my cruise way back when, but here it is! (You'll note that it is much shorter, but it was the final day to take in the view!)
Final update from the sea.
Today we're in the Bahamas. I had fully intended on para-sailing or kayaking. My plans were thwarted. Not that you can read the disdain in my voice (especially since I'm writing this down), but I am rather annoyed. It was too chilly, and rather windy, so kayaking was out. The jet skis would have been great, but they don't rent those out, "Only for the life guards." Then I thought, okay, I'll para-sail, but it was $85 for 5 minutes. I decided to pass.

The rest of today was very uneventful. We went back to the ship and sat in the hot tub for a few. Then I decided to take a little nap. (Nothing like a little sleep time!) I packed up and hung out with the family.

Tomorrow we'll be back on land, and Monday back home.

Other news:
  • I! And, actually more than just in, I'm all unpacked and settled. I am still slightly confused, and not sure what to do with myself. I have SO MUCH room. I know I've said that, but I can't quite wrap my head around it. Pictures of the new place to come.
  • In addition, now the fun stuff to come! I have a pile of decorations in the corner, and now to determine where they go!
  • Anymore, I'm not sure what normal is, but I feel like I'm approaching normal again. (Fingers crossed on that one.)