Thursday, November 16, 2006

National Defrost the Turkey Day

Coming very soon is one of my favorite holidays...THANKSGIVING!!
What makes that day so great? Well, let me tell you.

The smells. You know exactly what I am talking about don't you? There is nothing like waking up on Thursday morning to a delicious aroma. (All made possible by the turkey that my mother usually makes....FYI- I need to do the turkey this year.) And then there is the dressing, and some type of pie, and out new tradition of homemade icecream. I could go on and on, but my mouth is already watering. There is also the annual trip to the basement to drag out the Christmas decorations. (The basement is a whole other smell but we won't go there---JUST KIDDING!)

The sights. Always wonderful. There's my house. (Not MINE necessarily, but the place where all my memories live- AND my parents.) Then there's the cat- Shadrach. My mom and dad. My Aunt Janet and my brother John. My cousin Jake. There's Three Forks (the three trees we had set up as our detective head quarters.) There's the big burn pile in the back yard where I'm sure some type of very large creature lives. I can also see the stars. I always forget how dark it is when there are no street lights.

The sounds. Quiet. It's a small town, of course there's going to be quiet. So quiet you can hear it. But then walk into the Hunter House.... You can hear weird songs being sung by my mom and aunt. ("I can bring home the bacon..."). Loud shouting by family members playing Cranium. (Which I highly recommend). Pots and pans clanging. Me running into a kidding.

All in all, it leads up to a terrific holiday. Food, family, fun....Could it possibly get ANY better?
See you soon family!!


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Anonymous said...

i am a little behind but i couldn't agree more!