Monday, June 14, 2010

Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway...

In just two days, I will be on the road heading to a family reunion. I'm excited.

There is the driving factor; but it doesn't seem to bad. My fam and I will be driving down the road in two vehicles. We'll be packing lunches and snacks, stopping at various places. Seeing the sights, and maybe picking up a meal at Sonic.

There is the rest factor; There will be hotel stops and trips to the pool. We'll be taking pictures, playing games. There will be laughter. Inevitably my mom and my aunt will do things to embarrass me and my cousin and brother. Inevitably, I'll join in on the fun, and we'll torture my cousin until we catch him smiling on camera. I'm sure there will be singing, and probably a little southern talkin' as well.

There is the family factor; Sometimes, it's easy to forget what's important. It's easy to get busy, and worried and stressed, and wrapped up in the little things. Laundry, bills vacuuming and let's not forget the trash and getting gas (two of my least favorite things to do). Then, something happens, maybe it's little thing. It could be a card, or a commercial, or a Bible verse. Sometimes it's looking at pictures. But something happens, that makes you remember and think of what's important. And that's family and friends. I love my family, and I am so looking forward to spending time with them, and seeing the family I've not seen in so long.

I suppose I should start packing!
Happy Monday, ya'll!

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