Friday, June 11, 2010

June Days

This weekend I have the pleasure of having a friend hang with me. Which is GREAT. She's going to be leaving soon to head out to California, so it's nice to have time to hang together! Tonight we went to Cheesecake Factory (oh my word- so good) watched a movie, chatted, etc.... You know fun girl stuff.

I'm sure not all of you remember this, but I previously (previously as in, before school and new job) I liked to pull out one of my many cook books and try cooking something new.

I've tried my hand at that again a few times.

The results turned out, well, I must say not too bad.

Ingredients for chocolate covered strawberries and stuffed peppers:
(And the glasses in the back? I like drinking milk out of those!)

Chicken Asparagus Pasta:
And one of my best memories with Lou. A little shoe shopping!

'Nite to all.
Talk to ya,

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Jenilee said...

you are posting! yeah! I love reading your posts. the shoes are cute. :)