Friday, June 04, 2010

Writing before midnight....

Giving myself a deadline for posting has actually worked well. This was started before midnight on June 4th, so I'm counting it for today.

Summer (while it's not actually here yet, it's here), is starting off quite nicely. The weather has been wonderful, a mixture of hot, and humid, cool, breezy and thunderstorms.

Tuesday night, my friends and I met at a restaurant in a nearby town. The weather was perfect. The bugs, while they appeared to enjoy eating up my friends, stayed away from me. We sat outside eating, talking and laughing, until it was definitely past the time to go.

Tonight, I was off to Six Flags. The beauty of a season pass, is you can show up for an hour, and ride seven rides. Parking is free. The park is free. And, hey, the laughter is free.

The night was perfect for driving with the windows open. So, we did.

Happy summer everyone!
Life is good.

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