Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go Glow

So this is a hodgepodge of various items.

I realize that all I have been writing about here in Charlotte are restaurants! That's so exciting isn't it- oh yesterday we ate here, the day before we at there....
Fabulous I know.
So, on that note we did eat at some places this week of interest.
Stool Pigeons (Who named this place???):


This week though I did do more than just eat! Yesterday MB and I went to the U.S. National Whitewater Center. It was pretty awesome. I would like to go again and actually hit the rapids! We did go hiking and see some pretty cool stuff.

Initially, driving out to the place was pretty interesting. Had there not be a sign, we might not have found it. You literally drive through a little neighborhood, past the "No trespassing, will shoot intruder" signs, over the speed "tables," and down and then up and around, and then there it is!

They have all sorts of activities for families. People then can go kayaking- private lessons, or on their own. There is also white water rafting, high ropes courses, hiking trails, biking trails, restaurants, a gift shop, a climbing wall...I could keep going and going!
There were caution signs from the moment you get on to the park.
Yes this sign is upside down. I didn't want to fix it- maybe I will later. (True laziness right here!)

Make sure to listen to the directions from your guide! There were many people that fell out of the raft right at this spot!
Have no fear, no one was hurt, and the workers were right there to the rescue!

This is a particular point of interest down by the river- I don't know what the name of the river is- I forget, BUT, apparently this spot was documented in 1704. Don't you love the view. (It was actually very pretty, but the cinder blocks got my attention!)

It was a lot of fun, and hopefully I can go back and do more activities!
Other notes:
This afternoon I listened to a message from Mosaic Church online. There were some things that the pastor said that really hit home:
1. True faith leads to transformation. True faith "has you." It gives you new birth and new identity. John 3
2. Things appear better when the lights are dim. We may live a certain way in the dark, but when the light are on, the truth comes out. If you haven't lost anything for Christ, maybe you haven't gained him at all. You cannot glow without being transformed. You also cannot continue to walk around in the dark, hiding from the truth.
3. True faith leads to action. Peter went over the side of the boat. When he saw the waves he started to sink, and cried out for Jesus to save him. Jesus said, "Why did you doubt?" The pastor made an interesting point. He said, what he might have been saying as he reached down and grabbed Peter was, "Peter, I called you out here, and you think I'm gonna let you drown? Peter, I got you- I have you."
Why do I doubt? Today is one of those days when I don't see Jesus. I see the waves, I see the storm and I doubt. I think today is when Jesus would look at me and say, "Why do you doubt? Why do you doubt that in the middle of your day that I will not be there to walk with you, to sit with you? Do you think I am going to let you drown? Why do you doubt?" And I have no words.
Matthew 14
4. Your faith has to move you and cause you to risk. True faith isn't faith if it doesn't move you.
5. Galatians 2:20

So, I have to choose. Every day. Sink or swim. Live or die. Sometimes it seems easier to lay in bed, to quit. To stop trying in life. But, then there's someone calling out to me. Come out on the water. Come walk with me.
Today I choose to live- and to walk in the light.
Let your light shine-Go glow.

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