Monday, September 15, 2008

Convertibles, Bears, and other Things a Little Fuzzy

This past weekend, I had the privilege of doing several things, things that I have experienced either rarely or never before.
Prepare yourself for a cinematic treat (not really cinematic, I just like that word, and not really a treat- it's just pictures).

Convertible rides:
Two of my co-workers now have a convertible as their rental- so this weekend- we got to go for a ride.

Screaming in terror? Of course not! Face of agony? Nope. It was just the wind.

MB showing off the car. ( Um, note the fine piece of photography- I blurred it on purpose.)
The look all convertible passengers know well- Blinding by hair flying in face.

Is it a bird? Or maybe a plane??
Nope just the moon.
Man am I good---
I wonder why I'm not a professional photographer.

Sundays' Bears/Panthers game in Charlotte:

Half time show- some famous trampoline people. I had no idea that this was a gymnastics sport- I would break my neck! It was pretty cool to watch though!

This is a poor attempt to show how far up we were. Note: We were in the HIGHEST seats in the stadium. From our level, we had to walk up 107 steps! INSANITY!

Oh yes, had I chosen to, I could have climbed up the ladder to the lights- we were right there. I however, chose to not move, but rather stay put. And while Charlotte is no Chicago, the city looked pretty cool behind the stadium.
From this angle it looks as though the people on the field were laying down--- maybe they got tired; it was a very hot day.
Why yes, the football field is curved in the middle. It's a new thing that they do out here in the East.

This is when those football people were out on the field---doing things.

So I can now say I have been to my FIRST NFL game. While I don't know ALL of the terms, I followed pretty closely. There were a few distractions, namely the big screen things on both ends of the stadium, and the crazy group of fans next to us, but overall I had a fun time!

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