Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B-W's and the Night of Fun- or maybe, no...???

So tonight after a freakishly long day at work....

... some buddies and I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some sustenance and laughter.

Found right next to B-Ws:
A cemetery

Found driving by the B-Ws:
A Firetruck
(one of the firemen posed, but they were going to fast- I think there was a fire)

Found in B-Ws:
Quote of the night on a napkin, "We know some of you are here to embarrass yourselves in public. Thanks. We'll enjoy the show."
(There was nothing embarrassing at our table except for, well, all of us.) nice COLD BEVERAGE- a water with lemon!

And, our shoes-stylish eh??

There were a few stories, lots of ice tea (sweetened I must add), water and Diet Cokes.
Mix in a few laughs and the day suddenly wasn't so bad!


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bean said...

wow. do you remember why Bw3's got this name? mike and i were trying to remember the third W.....