Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 In Review

The year isn't over yet, by any means. We still have many days ahead of us. However, I was thinking in my mind tonight (That's an original quote by my friend Christy) about this past year.

It has been great. Lots of "new". Lots of old. Lots of the same.

There was a family vacation! Woot! Crusin' time!
There has been a new car. (Not new new, but you know new.)
A new job.
A new apartment.

There was a reunion in Texas.

The passing of a precious woman.

School has been crazy, lots of work. I was able to go to my friend's school and teach in her class.

There has been a lot in between. Visit to Nebraska. A visit from my Melissa and Carson.
God is good. Life is great.


Jenilee said...

you can come to my house and teach my "class"!

Stephanie Hunter said...

Oh my word! That would be so much fun! I would love to!