Thursday, December 09, 2010

Oh Ramona,

As soon as I learned to read there was no stopping me. Kindergarten and my mama taught me to love words and words and words.

And then came Ramona. I read all of her books and loved her every one. (I'm actually pretty sure they are all shoved under my bed right now- either that or in the basement at my parent's house!) I always loved Ramona because things never went quite for her, and I can relate. After all, I was once again sitting at the stop sign (again) waiting for the light change to green. (The stop signs never change- just so you know.)

Tonight, yes people, I watched the movie. And, I laughed. Just like when I was nine.

Ramona is a mess. She is all imagination and sunshine and fearless.
I love her.

I love her imagination, and her ability to make red rain-boots look good with everything. Not only that, but her sense of style and difficulty matching (which is cuter when your eight) reminds me of my own!

Who else says things like:

"I color inside the lines sometimes. It just depends on the picture."
"I'm gonna say a really bad word. The worst word I think of.... Here I go. GUTS."
"Mom, I am nine years old. I think I can tell when I'm not wanted."
"I make your life colorful."
"She cannot tell kids to not make up words!"
"Whatever I did wrong, I probably didn't mean it."
"I am extraordinary."

And Beezus sums it all up perfectly. "I hope nobody sees us out here. We're so weird."

Yes Ramona, you are extraordinary. I hope to be just as incredible as you some day.


matt zook. said...

ive always loved to read to. one of my favorite serious when i was a kid was about this girl mandie. still read lots today. ps i love that picture of you.
later ramona...i mean steph. :)

ritacline said...

I read every Ramona book and watched the TV series on PBS...LOL

Stephanie Hunter said...

Rit, she's fun isn't she?
Matt, Thanks buddy =)

Katrina Scheetz said...

I never read any of the books. Didn't know much about the stories. The movie looked SO good I just had to go and see it, and I did. I feel in love with that movie. I am hoping that they make more and quickly so that they can use the same girls. I do see a little of Ramona in you Steph and that is what I have always loved about you! :)

Stephanie Hunter said...

Thank you K- it was a fun movie wasn't it!