Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 Things You May not know about Me

(And after you read this, you may wish you still didn't know!)
  1. My favorite color is red. Red red. Like fire engine red.
  2. My heritage is part Cherokee Indian, German and Irish. My ancestry has been traced back to Wales in 1692 (on my mom's side).
  3. I have two plants. One is a Ficus and her name is Blanche. One is a Pothos, and her name is Germania.
  4. I have been to 37 states. One day I hope I get to the other 13.
  5. Nancy Drew is my hero. Seriously. And, my secret (or not so secret) ambition is to be a detective.
  6. I like clocks.
  7. I enjoy writing. When I was younger I was always writing stories. I would sleep with pen and paper by my bed in case an idea came to me in the middle of the night.
  8. I love the music from The Nutcracker.
  9. I've been to Guatemala twice on mission trips.
  10. I have a crazy imagination. Seriously. It's crazy.
  11. I'm short. But, since I wear tall shoes, sometimes people don't realize it.
  12. I like to dance.
  13. I have been known to walk around my apartment in pajamas pants, a sweatshirt and high heels. Oh, just because.
  14. I would like to go to Greece. And England. Oh, all of Europe.
  15. Cinnamon candles are my favorite.
  16. I like sitting in the floor.
  17. I enjoy making things. I have crayons, markers, oil paints (and more!). I'm going to school to be a teacher, so that's the excuse I'm sticking with.
  18. I'm going to school for teaching.
  19. I went to school in Missouri. I remember people. But, ask Melissa, huge chunks of my memory are missing!!
  20. Chips and Salsa are staples.
  21. I love potatoes.
  22. When I was younger I had five imaginary friends.
  23. My cousin and I had our own "detective agency." He was Spike. I was Tracy. My brother was our trusty dog.
  24. I practically know the entire movie, The Wizard of Oz by heart.
  25. Fall is my favorite season. Hands down favorite.
(P.S. 9 days!)
(P.P.S. 26. I have always enjoyed counting down to events. Like, birthdays, (yes, usually mine) and Christmas!!!)

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Melissa said...

I am sorry, who did you say you were? I vaugely remember someone with that name from college, but I just can't be sure!