Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Truth Be Told

I am a complete fall person. I love the smell of burning leaves. I love the fire-y colors, and the crisp air. I also enjoy the not too hot, not too cold, t-shirts during the day and sweatshirt at night options. I would not mind if fall took care of 9 months of the year. However, I am also delusional. I live in Northern Illinois.

Truth be told, I usually feel like Summers are humid. Falls are way too short. Winter is like... well, think of something really bad then multiple it by 1 million times, worse. And, when Spring comes, although beautiful, it arrives too late. That being said, I do also enjoy each season. And, if there was a guarantee that winter would only last EXACTLY three months, I might not dislike it at all.

This year, I feel like we have had the pleasure of enjoying each season. Spring was amazing, and the Summer of 2010 offered plenty of opportunities for swimming and Six Flags. And, then came the glorious fall. And, it's still here. Now, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the days of burning leaves are coming to a close. My pathetic, yes, pathetic Christmas tree is up (I still love it, even though I am in serious need of a Christmas Tree intervention.), presents are already arriving and are wrapped up underneath my tree. Yet, it hasn't felt like Christmas, and I haven't quite felt ready for its arrival.

Until today.

When I saw my first flurries, and a snowflake hit me in the eyeball.

Now, I'm ready.

But, why can't it be possible for it to snow and still be 50 degrees outside, and cover everything but the roads?


Katrina said...

I agree with everything that you wrote. What is it that they say...great minds think alike. That would be us right now. :) I don't mind the snow at all. There could be as much snow, feet and feet of it as long as it isn't on the roads and my driveway, (and I didn't have to get the snow off of it) then I don't mind it at one bit.

ritacline said...

love you!