Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Thousand Words are Worth a Picture

Note: Not enough comments on the previous post to remove the picture of my mum. If there are more, I'll take it down!

Back to Texas.

We drove on Thursday and Friday. On our way, we stopped at a gas station and my mum walked out with BLUE BELL ice cream. People, if you have never experienced Blue Bell ice cream, stop what you are doing, and go get some. Nothing like it. We also drove through Jefferson, Texas, where I snapped a few pictures, and drove by my mom's old house. More Jefferson stories to come.

Who wouldn't love a town that has this displayed???

Late Friday afternoon landed us in Carthage. I was crabby. I have always been a people person. I consider myself an introverted extrovert. I love being with people, visiting, hanging with friends. Love it. However, after living on my own for so long, I've grown particular and I like things my own way. I also need some quiet to myself every day, or yes, I'm a little testy. This day was no exception. My family, however, is very forgiving! (Fortunately for me!) We unloaded, got settled in to the hotel room, and headed out to visit my Aunt and Uncle.

At this point, the story tellings and memory making began. I would love to wrap the weekend up in a picture. But, the stories and laughter and events of the weekend cannot be compressed into a picture. But a thousand words, might just do it.

(Just wait til you hear about the goat man. Yes, he's real.)

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