Monday, November 01, 2010

"Rockin' Down the Highway"

As I mentioned previously, I traveled to Texas to a family reunion in June. My life has been full of trips and vacations to Texas. I remember when I was eight, piling into the van and making what I thought at the time, a quick 30 minute drive and pulling up to my Grandma's house. (Granted I was eight. The age when going an hour feels like 20, and apparently going 23 hours feels like 1!) This trip was different for multiple reasons.

To begin with, we were going to a family reunion that I had never been to. In fact, my mom hadn't been to it, in a LONG time (maybe 20 years - I don't remember). Follow that up with the fact that my dad wasn't going to go, and I have only been to Texas one other time without him. Aside from that my aunt and cousin were also going, we were taking two cars, and caravan-ing. We had plenty of snacks, a map, my camera, and a destination.

I believe in documenting all of life's adventures with pictures. I am sure that this does not make me popular with many people, however, it is good fun for me!

Packed up and ready to roll

I am fairly certain that at this particular moment my mom was threatening my life if I posted this. So, mum, here's my deal. You get 10 people to write a comment on my blog, I'll remove this picture! (And, it'll probably save my life.)

The first two days were filled with lots of road time. There was singing, sleeping, and yes, taking pictures.

More to come,


ritacline said...

your poor mom...although it made me chuckle! and is that your brother with a full beard?! here is to you Mrs. Hunter....comment one and only nine more to go before the take down :)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie you know your mom works with children and needs her rest. I am so glad the flash did not wake yer up. She have put you in timeout. LOL>. Donna Ussery