Monday, February 22, 2010

Chatanooga? No make that Chacchoben. Mexico (Day 6)

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Destination: Chacchoben, Mexico (Pronounced- Check Cho Ben)

Note: This was a fun day, and by the end I was wiped out! Rather than writing up a the day as a whole, I quickly wrote some notes down so that I would remember everything later.

This day I woke up extremely excited. I was excited about two things: Number one, the ruins. Number two, shopping. I love the sound of a good deal.

We arrived at the port in Costa Maya, Mexico, and armed ourselves with, well money. The port was beautiful. We had planned on shopping in the morning and then off to the ruins in the afternoon.

My Spanish is a little rusty, I must admit, but there are certain things that a girl doesn't forget. Like how to shop, even in another language. My mom and I were armed with a list of things to buy and people to shop for, and we would not be stopped. We entered the shops and started to work the magic. We were quite the team. The price would be named, my mom would look at me, and I would shake my head yes or no. As a rule, I would shake my head no. (Never go with the first offer.) I would throw out a new offer. My mom and I would nod at each other in agreement, and look to the shop owner (? Owner? I don't know who it was really. "I the owner. If my boss were here you would not get such a good deal.") It was fierce.

I must admit that at one point I got a little carried away and I bought something I really did NOT need. (It was a blanket, but I got a deal, alright, and the colors really did not fade or bleed together after I washed them.)

We did all the damage we could possibly do, and carried the goods back to the ship.

Next up, the ruins. This was one of the most organized excursions I have ever been on. Granted, it was only the second one ever. But think of a school field trip. For adults. While the trip the day before was really great, it did not compare to this day. Our guides were Diana and Nestor. Diana was the first tour guide to ever go to the ruins at Chacchoben.


If you get the opportunity to go, do it. It was amazing to see the ruins, to walk where they walked, to see the places where the lived. I enjoyed every moment of it...even watching the crazy monkeys throwing acorns at us! Many of the ruins at this site are the oldest ruins excavated.

We got back to the bus and were taken back to the ship. I must admit that I was so exhausted that I slept very comfortably all the way back.

The water this night was very rough.

This night we went to a Mexican restaurant on the ship. WONDERFUL food. My thought was that it was because we were all so hungry that it was good, but the reality is that it was some of the best Mexican food ever.

Um, did I mention the ocean was rough this night?

Oh it was rough alright After we ate our food (which once again was great. The salsa, fajitas....) I went back to take a "nap" in my room. I had planned on coming back to watch a movie with my dad. I laid in the dark room literally praying that the Bonine would keep working as the waves crashed causing the boat to rock back and forth. I attempted to get up several times. It didn't happen. (The Bonine did work, and I did NOT get sick.)

I fell asleep around 8 that night.

(Meanwhile my brother fell asleep listening to music and watching the ocean on the balcony.)

Tomorrow, a day at sea.

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