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Roatan, Honduras (Day 4, more pictures this time)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Destination: Roatan, Honduras

Today I woke up filling great. Bonine is amazing!
We ate breakfast, and then ran to my parents’ room and their balcony to watch “the land.” (My brother loved being on the balcony. And he loved watching the land, coming and going.)

Music was filling the air as we pulled up to the dock. Dancers and musicians were along the pier, welcoming the Norweigian Jewel to dock. It was an amazing site, seeing them dance, and then watching the Honduran people lined up at the dock dancing along. There is obviously music in their soul.

This day we would be meeting with a family that my family met at our church in Indiana. Isabella, Carlos, and their kids. My brother had been very close to them, and the surprise for my brother was that we would be seeing them. Somehow the surprise was leaked, and John found out that we would be seeing them. Regardless, he was excited.

Isabella picked us up at the dock (she recognized John’s red hair). We visited a shopping “plaza” where Carlos met up with us for a few minutes. He hugged John, “I love you brother, I miss you.”

Then we drove around the island. While Roatan is a part of Honduras, it is not connected to the mainland, but a completely separate island. At the highest part of the island, you could see the ocean from both sides.

We also went to Yubu, a Garifuna Experience. Here we learned about the Garifuna people. Wanna dance? Get up and join them! (Or, as in this case, my mom was volunteered by Isabella!)

We also saw how they make Cassava Bread.

Then we were off to their beautiful house. I cannot use words to explain how amazing it is, so here is the picture to show:

We walked out on their dock and laid in the hammock, put our feet in the water, and enjoyed the ocean air. It was beautiful. I also happened to drink coconut milk right from a coconut. Isabella asked a neighbor to cut one down from the COCONUT TREE GROWING IN THEIR YARD.

Of course, we needed to eat lunch. Where to? Bahama Mama, of course! I had a hamburger, french fries, onion rings, nachos…Healthy right? And not really an authentic Honduran meal, but tasty nonetheless.

We then headed back to their house. Did I mention that their house was right on the ocean? Oh, yes. Carlos picked us up by boat in front of Bahama Mama and we were driven by boat back to their pier.

Did I mention that Bonine is amazing?

We then piled in to the bus that Carlos drives and headed to see their church. Having grown up in church, I’ve seen many churches, from small to smaller, large to larger. This church, was barely larger than a room. I was rather warm, and tired, so I sat on the bus while everyone else piled out and ran inside to see the church.

After a few minutes they came back out, red faces, talking excitedly, and we headed over to a piece of land that the church owns.

We walked around looking at all the work that needs to be done in order for a new building. All of the labor is being done by hand. A stream runs through the property. In order for the church building to be built, the stream has to be rerouted. There is nothing like digging in the heat. While the people of the church are excited about the property, and the prospect of a new building, bigger and larger to accommodate growth, it’s hard to see the vision. It also requires money to build, and do manual labor. While we stood on the property the pastor spoke of how this would be the only church in that “neighborhood.” He has a vision of their church, not just the building, but the people becoming a light to Roatan. We stood in a circle, and held hands, my family, Carlos and his family, the pastor, and a few of the dedicated church members and prayed. The pastor looked at my mom and dad and said, “I know that God brought you here on purpose, it was no accident.” And it wasn’t.

We arrived back at the boat, and went through the process of being sprayed down by hand sanitation.

I was reminded today again, of how God is the God of America, and Honduras, and all over the world. Everyone needs to hear. As you read this, please pray for this church in Honduras. Let’s pray that people in the church catch the vision, and that other people, other believers will catch this vision with them.

Mark 16:15

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

Tomorrow we are headed to Belize and to see the Mayan ruins!


Oh, and go Colts!

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Jenilee said...

sorry about the colts. :) I have no preference other than the saints had a goodwin. :)

I've been to honduras! I spend 2 weeks their in 1998. Loved it!!