Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red Sweatpants and an Arrest Warrant

I was fairly certain that I had written about this in a previous post. I actually don't believe I did, but if you happen to find it, let me know!

I moved in to my apartment almost three years ago. It's a cozy place. There's a gate that requires a person to check in before being let in. It's safe and I feel good about living here. (Always a positive feeling to have about the place where you live!)

Right about Christmas time two years or so ago, I was at home, enjoying a quiet Sunday. I had gone to church Sunday morning, came home and slipped on a pair of red sweatpants. (I should mention that I left on my pink sweater that I had worn that morning. This right here people could actually be a reason for someone to issue an arrest warrant- but wait. There's more!)

I sat at home, lounging, doing the usual Sunday stuff, relaxing, taking it easy. Around eight that night I had a knock on my door. My friend was a neighbor at that point and she would on occasion walk over and pay me a visit. I didn't think anything of it. I stood up, pink and red ensemble, and walked over to open the door. Um... it wasn't my friend. It wasn't anyone unrecognizable at all. Instead it was three men. Big men. With a "warrant."
Being a Law & Order watcher, as well as CSI, and other police-y shows, what I am about to say may shock you. I did not ask to see their badges. They said that they were looking for a person (we'll call her Sally) and they handed me a paper with Sally's face. "Have you seen this woman?" Uh, no. "Are you sure? Is anyone else here with you?" Somewhere in the next few moments they managed to push themselves in to the living room of my apartment. (This is where I feel a little foolish. I let them come in. I should have had them stand outside, but I didn't.) In that one moment my main concern was NOT about them coming in to my apartment, but rather about my wardrobe. I quickly said as they were stepping in, "Um, sorry, I don't match." They chuckled, and asked me how long I'd lived where I was living, and some other random questions, and then they were gone. On their way out, one of the (bounty hunters?) said something to the effect of, "Better make sure you match next time." I was once again reminded of my embarrassment, but they left, and I carried on with my quiet mismatched evening.

Fast forward. It's approximately seven or eight months ago. I'm at home. Ironically watching a police show. About nine thirty, ten at night I have a knock at my door. Strange. I was expecting no visitors. I hadn't called anyone in, but maybe Cindy I thought. She could have decided to come over. I flip back the blinds, and there in front of me, two police officers this time. I know the drill. I open the door. "Hi ma'am, we're looking for Sally." Oh brother, Sally again. "This has happened before," I explained. "I've lived here over two years, no Sally. I sometimes get her mail, but I just send it back." This time I remembered to use my Law & Order training and asked to see their badges. They showed me their credentials, asked some additional questions, and were satisfied that I was not the hard looking, short haired, fifty some year old woman they were looking for.

Fast forward. Again. This morning. Six am. Um, I'm asleep at six am. I sleep through things like storms and lightning. I'm dreaming, as usual, but there's this large banging in my dreams. I tried to ignore it and go back to the real part of my, but I can't, because the banging keeps getting louder. I finally wake up and realize that was no dream. There is someone banging. At my door, at six in the morning. I ran down the stairs, too groggy to even realize what's going on , or think of who could possible be looking for me so early in the morning. Well, imagine my surprise when I flip open the door and I see that it's three police officers. "Oh geez," was my initial thought. I open my door. "Hi ma'am," the first one said, "We're looking for Sally." At this point I'd like to start looking for Sally. She keeps interrupting me. I sighed and leaned my head against my door. "This has happened before," they ask.
"Um, yeah."
"How long have you lived here?"
"Almost three years."
"And what's your name?"
I go through the drill. I tell them my name, how long I've lived here, etc. They were then on their way, and I was back to sleep. (Well for a little while until it was time to actually get back up for work.)

Nothin' like a run in with the law.
Any one know where I can find Sally???


Jenilee said...

lol! What a story! I told Jeremy... well, we will could help you look for Sally but sounds like the police can't even find her! why are they looking for her?

Rita said...

awesome story!!