Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feelin' Green? (Day 3)

Monday, January 18, 2010
Current position: Mid Atlantic
Destination: Roatan, Honduras

This morning I woke up after a restless sleep, still feeling a little on the loopy side. I decided it was time for some motion sickness medicine, found in the form of a little chewable tablet. Bonine. Bonine and I have become friends. In fact I plan on taking Bonine with me wherever I go.

It’s now later in the evening. I’m sitting on the deck of my parents cabin listening to the water, feeling the breeze, and finally feeling good.

We ate in one of the ships “restaurants” tonight. Menu dining rather than the buffet style dining. It’s a different experience ordering appetizers, main courses, desert(s), all without having to pay. Of course, it’s not as though we HAVEN’T paid.

Today was relaxing. Listening to the waves. Watching for the lights in the distance. My brother and mother watching for sharks.

After eating lunch, and playing games, doing some reading, and napping and eating, I realized this whole cruise thing might not be so bad. You have your hotel room WITH you while you go visit these other places, in other countries. Hungry? Dial a line, or go visit one of the shops or restaurants available to the ravenous, or those who just feel like eating.

Tomorrow we will be in Roatan, Honduras, where a surprise is awaiting my brother.

My Bub:

Miscellaneous Items:
  • Tonight I went to a Zumba class. For those of you who have experienced Zumba, isn't it great fun? For those of you who haven't, you are missing out. Not being the most coordinated person (no additional comments needed) I wasn't sure how I'd do. Then I realized, if you aren't sure what to do, just wave your arms and dance around. No one will notice.
  • Apparently the ground hog saw his shadow. That means 6 more weeks of winter. I'd like to go on record to say, wouldn't it be great if there were ONLY six more weeks of winter. I figure that'd bring us mid-March. That sounds much better than the additional three months of winter. If six more weeks is all we've got, and then spring?- eh, I'll take it.
  • My birthday was nine days ago. I'm not sure, I'm never sure, what God has in mind, but I have a feeling as always that He has better things in mind for me than I can imagine. I can't wait to see! This year oughta be great! Jeremiah 29:11

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