Thursday, October 09, 2008

What does Sam's Club and Cheddars Equal?

A little bit of craziness!

Tonight I went and bought a new camera! I must say I am super happy with what I got!
For one- I'm no longer a white pasty glowing globe with eyelashes!
For two- (Is that even a proper saying? Prob not! But, whatever) I don't have to worry about it shaking! It takes good pics!
So after rushing to the store and pick up our cameras that we selected earlier online we headed off to another place only dreams are made of...

.........SAM'S CLUB!!

*Word to the wise NEVER go to Sam's Club when
  • You are hungry
  • You haven't been there in a while
  • You are hungry
  • You haven't been there in a while.
So, 15 minutes and 60 mini-pumpkins later- this is what we come away with:

Next up Cheddars!
I love Cheddars- Good memories!
........Like, studying philosophy, eating chips and queso and drinking Dr. Pepper.........
oh the college years!

Unfortunately, we hit a snag when leaving the parking lot: our car wouldn't start. So Christy ran inside and found a friendly waiter with jumper cables.

Good work team, good work!

Other quick news:
An old injury from working in a medical records office has returned. I- am -wounded.

You MAY not want to look!
Funny how a little thing like a swollen cuticle is VERY painful!


bean said...

It appears as though the new camera takes great photos and SAMS looked like it was a fun time....oh and how i wish there were a Cheddar's near many memories....

Tina said...

Are the potato heads filled with candy or just d├ęcor for your apartment? – Look like a fun night except the injury. Been there, done that. I feel your pain.