Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last days...

Time is running short on my big Charlotte adventure. I've been busying myself with hanging out, walking, eating at new places and the like.

So what have my last few weeks looked like?
Something like this:

Jay from work has been showing us some of his favorite places to eat! This was Lupie's.
This place had great ambiance and great chili! (Nothing like a lot of crackers!)

View across the street.
What does chips, ranch and the Quesadilla Explosion Salad from Chili's look like?

(That's the face of excitement!)

My favorite books EVER: Nancy Drew! (She's my hero! She's inspired me and helped me to fine tune my detective skills. You should be afraid. I guarantee I know more about you than you realize!)

Sittin' in a buggie! (NOT a grocery cart) I don't know why I kept making the same face all night long. Note the huge wall of those NASTY Honey Buns! (Who knew that Costco could be so much fun!)
Another one of Jay's favorite places. Penguin was on the list. For those of you from Elkhart, this is NOT Penguin Point.

Jay and Steve.

So, it came out a little blurry, BUT this is a bottle of Cheerwine. I had never heard of it! What is it? Cherry Coke of course! BUT, it's a lot of cherry!
I had also never had fried pickles. Sound strange? Yes. But oh so good! (Dipped in ranch!- You can never go wrong dippin' food in ranch!)

Barbecue. Good times.
At Cookout! I had a corndog and hushpuppies!Our table was a little unsanitary, but it worked

Apparently, Matty has trouble eating without getting stuff all over his face. At least he looks happy!
I forgot about zoom!

6 days left! More pics to come!


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