Sunday, October 26, 2008

Technically speaking...

...I tried to go to sleep a while ago. It's not working. Instead I'm just laying in bed thinking. Not a good idea for someone with a wild imagination and an enormous amount of creativity. I do my best writing at night in my mind, but once my mind starts wondering it makes it even harder to sleep. Then I realized that it was October 27th already out here in North Carolina. And usually October 27th is the date that the real countdown begins.

The countdown to Thanksgiving?
Nuh uh.
New Year's?
Not that either.

The answer:
The countdown to my birthday.

So, just as a head's up to everyone, my birthday is in 3 months from October 27th. If you have difficulty counting, that makes my birthday January 27th. This is a big one too.

Be prepared to hear me countdown from here on out.
Thinking about this birthday makes me feel old.
I'm gonna try to sleep again. If sleeping doesn't work, I might try to buy some orthopedic slippers online.

1 comment:

bean said...

30 is fun! it will be all right! orto slippers....LOL....they do not make you feel older but your feet might be happy! :-)