Thursday, November 22, 2012

Umans, with the Turkey, in the Kitchen

           Home again.  It's Thanksgiving time, and while I try to live in a continued state of thankfulness, [I do say try because, well, I'm human. (Or, as my Uncle would say, "Uman.")] I find it especially easy during the holidays.  I arrived home extra early this year, showing up in the driveway Tuesday night, instead of the typical Wednesday afternoon/night.  I worked on Wednesday (just not in the office) and then the festivities began. (Well, first I took a nap.)
           We are not  swanky.  I like it this way. Not that I wouldn't enjoy fancy pants and all, but there is something extra relaxing about laughing and cooking and eating and laughing and eating, all in comfy pants. (Everyone should know by now I live in comfy pants, although today I did fix my hair.) We are just us, and as we come to the table with whatever we feel best in, and that's who we are. I like it best on days that we celebrate life just as us.
            Every year is surprising.  This year was no different as I begged my Uncle to sit at the table and play games.  We do not keep score. We don't really ever know the rules.  The goal is usually to make Jacob laugh and catch it on film. Today we turned it into a free for all.  Several of us took a turn at "winning" as the rest of us hunched over, and tried to catch our breath. We did that for hours today. I loved it.   We do have pictures of that moment.  While our clothes are not pressed, our hearts are happy, and our faces tell the story.
           It's amazing to me that there are times, and today was no different, that the stress of life, and the working, and the errand-ing, and the doing want, to catch up to us, grab us by the ankles and pull us into a continual state of sameness. Sameness doesn't have to be bad or boring, but at times I feel like I am nearly drowning. All of those events, those necessary work days and errand days, are all a part of life.  However, so is today.  What a great way to celebrate life; take a day like today and plop it into the middle of every other regular day day,  add food, comfy pants, games, and some people willing to laugh.
          We'll do today again, on a different day.  We'll be dressed similarly, or maybe exactly the same.  We'll be cozy and warm (whether or not it is winter or summer) and we'll settle in for laughing, and eating.  I'll be there.  You are welcome to come to.  We always have room at the table.

My brother is a listener.  He hears and learns lines and phrases and sayings.  He quite often will throw those phrases out, but he adds a little John twist.
John- Wears the tea pan lid?
Aunt- Right behind you John.
Ma- John, if that were a snake...
John-... It woulda bit me on the tongue. (Slower, with emphasis.) It woulda bit me on the tongue.
                                 *Close enough Bud, close enough. 

That's how we roll.
Let's be thankful for our today-whatever they had, whatever they were, let's be thankful.  Then let's carry the thankfulness on into our tomorrows.

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