Sunday, November 11, 2012

Attack of the Megadriles

We were 14. Barely.  I'm pretty certain it was summertime.  Amy and I were huddled together in the tv room of her house. It was 11 (at night) and we were watching Squirm, A 1976 "horror" film. If I were to write a quick synopsis it'd say, "Just outside of "Peaceful town, USA," downed electric lines shoot electric volts into the ground, and create man-eating monsters. Will the town survive?"  

We couldn't turn away.  At one point our terror turned away from the movie and toward her family.  We screamed, and then we realized it was midnight-ish... or later. We waited anxiously wondering who would get got first- us, by her parents, or the town, by those electrified monsters. (No one even noticed our scream.  Good thing we weren't being attacked by man-eating..night crawlers.)

There are few things I remember from the film. 
#1, some man with a (blue?) pickup, thought he was attractive. He would walk up to the cute girl, smile a horse face smile,  and say, "Hey, wanna take a ride in my truck?" For weeks, I'd walk up to Amy and say the same thing. I even remember the face I'd make.
#2, when the going gets squirmy, the squirmy hide inside a wooden trunk.  Remarkably, those pesky worm creatures could borrow into and through every other wooden surface, through floors and walls but not a wooden trunk?
#3, every girl needs a good pair of high platform shoes.  For get away purposes. 

Although I remember that as being a favorite  night, I will say I never intended on watching that movie, and I'm pretty certain I never will again.

Unless perhaps Amy wants to get together to see Squirm 2.

And, I do tend to do a double take every time I see a downed power line.... Never can be too careful!

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