Friday, November 09, 2012

Living in the Light

It was only a few weeks ago.  We were taking a hike through the town, much like a hundred other hikes before. Aside from the fact that we were walking, and walking is always fun the night was dissimilar in every other way.  The sun set far too quickly, and it's counterpart was already nestled in the sky by the time we rounded the corner to head home.  I gasped when I saw it.  I cannot say that I ever remember seeing the moon in that way before.  My description, before I even put pen to paper is lacking. It was glorious.  It was a full moon, and the moon in it's fullness is always a beautiful thing, but this time. This time, it was different.  The moon, this moon, was encircled in a ring of light.  Imagine it laying on the ground, flat.  The circle around the moon wasn't an inch away, but more like ten or fifteen inches.(I attached a link, Halo look later but imagine the ring, as thinner and the sky beyond pitch black) It was gorgeous.  Had it been a reasonable thing to do, I could have laid on the ground, and stared all night at it.

What am I seeing? Although I know it was seconds I was literally in awe. I was so caught up with this sight, this every day occurrence that has happened once, twice, hundreds of times, but I was seeing it for the first time, or thinking I was seeing it for the first time. It couldn't be an Eclipse.... We hear about those, it doesn't look like this..... I can "google" and figure it out later.... Is the Earth  in the way of something just a touch bigger, and is the light was shooting forward, sliding by the Earth and around the Earth and landing in a circle around the moon........... Is the Earth is in the way of this other object taking over and shining its light all throughout the Universe!

I was starring at the moon as all of these thoughts were swirling in my head. Then a thought hit me that had nothing to do with the moon at all, but it had to do with the Light that God has called me to live in. The Truth and the Life God has called me to follow and to serve.  While I was looking at the moon God was reminding me that  I have a job to do, and sometimes I just get in the way.  Sometimes, I hope at least sometimes, God's light is pouring around me, but what I want, and what I need to happen, is for God's light and love to pour THROUGH me, so that there is no shadow and no shade, only light.

I, in my own strength am ill-equipped. I cannot make a difference, I cannot shine a light.  But, when I allow myself to be overtaken by the Light....that's when I can.

Living in the Light,

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