Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I remember when I met her. I remember in fact was she was wearing. She was my future college roommate, and my now friend of 15 years.

I should explain though. We had met previously, through words on paper. But, this was the day we actually met, in person...My Rita.

My dad had driven down to Southern Indiana, spreading the goodwill and cheer of Bible Quiz. It was on that particular day that Bible Quiz Finals occurred at the same time Fine Arts was. (For those of you uncertain of what Bible Quiz and Fine Arts are, at this time you just need to know it involves a lot of teenagers.)

My dad however, met Rita's mom, and then Rita.
He arrived home, and handed me a slip of paper with name and address.

"I met this girl," he said. "Write her. She is going to your college too, and she won't know anyone."

So, I wrote her. The next months were letters back and forth. Letters about posters and music. The color of bedspreads, and if we should decide to be roommates. We decided we should.

It was time for State Finals (for Bible Quiz, and Fine Arts), in Indianapolis. All day long I kept running into this girl, and we would chat. We would smile and chat, and ask how the other was doing. At the end of the day, during the awards ceremony, our names were called at separate times, my name, and then the name of the other girl. Ironically, it was Rita- my future roommate Rita, that I had been talking to all day long. We talked again. We laughed and smiled about the chance encounter.  We were roommates for 2 years and then friends forever ever since.  (It was touch and go for a while. I thought one of us might not come out alive at one point- toss up on who- but we survived!  Who knew that she would find it calming to rearrange our entire room, during the middle of exams week!) 

Anyone can say life is not easy.  Anyone can say that things do not always go the way we think they should.  Rita, though, despite the not easy, and despite things not going the way we want, she shows that you can get up, press on, and the morning is usually better than initially anticipated. Her story is hers, and while our stories are combined, her part is hers to tell.  I just wanted to take a moment to say I'm proud of you.  I know it's been quite a trip over the last 11 months, and it's not quite over, I know you will rise above everything, still standing tall (or, if I have it my way, stooped over laughing hysterically).

Love you Rit.

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