Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ode to my favorites...

I am aware that mother's day has past and so has father's day, but it is the night before my dad's birthday and just a few weeks away from my mom's so I had to take the opportunity to, well, probably embarass them. That's not really the purpose. I want to say Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's and Father's Day. If I could choose my parents, I would choose the EXACT same ones God gave me.

What have they taught me you may ask.
Because of my mom and dad I know:
How to laugh.
How to cook.
To not be afraid to try new things.
To embrace my weirdness and all that means...(ha ha)
That guilt is NOT a feeling.
To believe in myself.
That memorizing God's Word and putting in my heart is the most important thing.
That every day is a new day, and each day I get to start over.
That I can always come home (even though I no longer have my "own" room).
That if I practice I could say the geneology of Jesus in 1 minute 17 seconds- best in State.
How to ride my bike and drive a car.
How to talk to myself and not get caught...LOL.
How to love...
I could go on and on and on...
Needless to say, I love you Mama. I love you Daddy.
You are my favorites!
Love your favorite daughter.


Anonymous said...

I couln't have asked for a better daughter!!!! I love you too!!!!!!Mucho!!!!! Mama

Anonymous said...

Of course about the pics.....revenge is sweet.........

rit said...

how neat! good work steph....you are amazing!

Jenilee said...

cute post about your parents. :) you have a great family!