Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Job Opportunity

(Side note: More to come on VBS)

Meantime, I have some very exciting news. I was offered a freelance position at a local newspaper. So, it's basically a knock off of the National Enquirer. I am excited because I will have the chance to practice my creative writing skills. I will also be able to earn a little cash on the side. It's of course a bottom level position, but I figure a person has to start somewhere. I'm really looking forward to starting, which I will do next Monday, June 26. My first big assignment is apparently going to be about the Illinois Fox Lake. There is a group of individuals that have been living on the bottom of the lake in a clear globe-like thing. They are apparently a group of scientists that are experimenting and planning on taking their globe to the Pacific Ocean sometime in 2017.

I was inspired to look into this type of career change when I was standing in the grocery check out lane. I figured if anyone can come up with stories like "Woman pregnant for 18 months," and "Woman caught in Half Rapture in Her dining room ceiling"- I definitely can. I have a great imagination! I'll be sure to send everyone articles...just let me know if you'd be interested in seeing my writing.

Ha! Just kidding!
But it would be fun!


Anonymous said...

Funny honey!!! You could write a mean sci fi book though!!!!!
yo madre

rit said...

very are too much....but then that is why i love ya so much!