Monday, May 18, 2009

From the Archives

Once again I found some writing from my high school creative writing course- It reminds me of summer.

A Woman Beautiful
Sat admiring
The beauty of the sun's rays
While on the grass below a man watched
The lovely lady smiling at the beauty
Of the wondrous sight in front of her,
And the man longed to whisk her
Away from the world
To love her
Through all
SRH, September 21, 1995


ALisha said...

I like this! It reminds me of things I wrote in college...those good old days when my brain wasn't preocupied by Spanish, ASL and Mexican Sign Language and I could actually think of beign creative with my language!

alisha said...

thanks for you open honesty I think your story is great, the best part is it has a point!