Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Grown Up Tantrum and A New Perspective

The saga began a little over three weeks ago. To make it simple, my water heater grew a leak which grew a puddle- which grew a bigger puddle- which grew to ruin the entire floor in the downstairs of my apartment- which grew to a brand new water heater. Whew. Quite the saga.

That series of events took my down quite the road which led me down a path of, frustration, anger, a friend's house, a few nights in a hotel, anger, much yelling, and finally, acceptance.

I am no longer afraid to admit that I am a home body. I have not always been this way, but rather have grown into this person over the last few years. I have in the past enjoyed being gone all day, going on trips, staying in hotels, with friends, away, away, away. But now, I love the solace of being home. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy seeing friends, and going places, but at the end of the day, I enjoy my home.

Last Sunday, I arrived at my apartment, fully expecting to be able to go in and settle in for a peaceful evening. I was wrong. And then the tantrum happened.
The tantrum thrower: Me
The location: My car
Why was there a tantrum: I wanted to be home. My home. My apartment. My TV. My shower. My bed. Mine. Mine. Mine. And yet, there was no going home.
What did the tantrum involve: Yelling and yelling. Aimless Driving. Yelling. Feet stomping and Fists pounding the floor--- (Well I exaggerated that last part. I was driving after all.)

Then I was hit with some more unpleasant news. I had no choice. I would not be getting what I wanted. Of course, I had to calm down. And quickly. When you are three you don't worry about blood pressure, but when you are in double digits and you are operating heavy machinery, it's best to remain calm.

It was in the following few minutes that I had to make a decision. I had help getting to that point. Someone quickly, yet wisely told me (yes my mom), "Stephanie, you don't have a choice. You do not get what you want."

Have any of you ever tried to reason with a three year old? Now, I'm not a mother, but as a friend, and a childrens' pastor, and someone who's been around children my whole life, I have. I have tried to reason with a child, an elementary school child, even teenagers. However, I learned over time, that reasoning doesn't really work unless the person wants to be reasoned with. How many three-year-olds really care why they cannot have what they don't want? That'd be zero.

I, being (forceably, mind you, not by choice) a grown up, have the ability to listen to reason and make choices. And while, I did not really care why, I could not have what I wanted, I had to decide to accept what was being handed to me. I knew that I had to accept my circumstances. No amount of yelling and wailing, moaning and sighing would get the work in my apartment done any quicker.

Isaiah 26:3 says, "The LORD gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm." (CEV) Some may consider it strange that I clung to the words in that vese just because of a small apartment issue. But, I did cling to these words because as I was driving down the road, peace was no where near my passenger seat, and I really needed to find it!

I was reminded again when I spoke to one of my friends who recently lost her home to a fire. She and her husband lost everything, save but a few items. The words she spoke to me have stuck with me and I have played them over and over in my mind since she said them.
"Stephanie, we lost our possessions, our computers, tvs, clothes, all of our possessions, but I know that God will take care of us...I know that He has a plan for my life, and I'm excited."

Makes a cement floor and a stove displaced upon a counter top not really all that important, don't ya think?
Love you all,

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Jenilee said...

Hey! I LOVE your new layout! :) :) It is my favorite. :)

Congrats on the tantrum and learning episode. It isn't easy learning things about ourselves but it can be good too. Sometimes we have to go through things for God to show us something we don't see. And, he still uses our moms. I think he will always use our moms no matter how old we get. :)