Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Writer Within- And the Dork Girl that lives on!

In high school I took a creative writing class. It was really a test of my ability to write and think and imagine. I would go to bed at night with a pen and paper on the shelf beside me. There was always this possibility that I would wake up, struck by a thought or a phrase or story that I had to immediately jot down, lest I forget once I would go back to sleep.

I say all this because in my quest for organization I found my folder from my creative writing class. For fun, (really for myself) I decided to post one of these stories out here. As I'm reading it now, I find it completely hysterical. Keep in mind that I wrote this story some 14 years ago. This particular assignment was a story that we had to create from a child's fairy tale.

Little Pink Riding Garment
(My real story even has pictures!)

Many, many years ago in a small village far, far away there lived a little girl. She was a sweet child with blond, curly hair. The people of the town called her Little Pink Riding Garment.
"It's because I wear green dresses," she would explain.
One day Bullwinkle, (which was the little girl's nickname) was informed by her mother that her grandmother was sick.
"Now Bullwinkle," her mother explained, "I need you to take your grandmother this toolbox. She has an awful stomach ache and in the morning she's going to have the doctor pull off her little toe to make her feel better."
"Okay mother," she replied, and she was off. The little girl skipped along quietly until she got to the edge of the forest where a pretty little stream flowed along next to the path. The little girl sat down the toolbox and began to call for her friend.
"Here Wolfy, Wolfy. Her boy, don't be scared." A big lion jumped out from behind a tree.
"Oh there you are Wolfy!" Bullwinkle exclaimed. "I need to go to Grandmother's house, and since you can swim, I wondered if you would let me sit on your back while you swam to her house?"
The lion replied, "What a big nose you have!" (He was a little stupid.)
"Good, it's settled then," Bullwinkle replied and they were off.
When they arrived at Grandmother's house Bullwinkle knocked on the door.
"Come in," Grandmother replied.
"I brought the toolbox you needed, and I have a little time before I need to leave and so I was wondering if you would care for a game of Old Man?" Bullwinkle asked.
"Of course we can play a card game," Grandmother answered, "but only if you let Wolfy eat me first."
"It would be my pleasure," Wolfy said. Then he swallowed her in one gulp.
Well, after a while the neighbor woodcarver came over and turned Wolfy upside down to shake Grandmother out. He was just in time because immediately after Grandmother hit the floor, the timer went off.
"My doggie treats are done!" Grandmother said with glee. "We can eat them while we play the game!"
So they all sat down to play as a twister ripped through the town sending the four friends to the tropics of Alaska where they lived, happily ever after, scrapping ice off igloos and watching reruns of "Gilligan's Island."
The End
(I got an A)


Anonymous said...

How come you never let me read it? That is hilarious! But what happened to the lion? And what is the pics about? The one on the right with the sisters......don't you have to have my permission to publish my pic?....hmmmmmm.......This is your voice of reason.......

Stephanie said...

MOTHER. You did read it. You read all my stories from high school. And, it's my picture, and I like it. So here it is.

Jenilee said...

love your new layout!!