Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday's Walk- A Ziplock of Pennies

In college my mom was faithful at sending two packages to me a year. One in the fall, and one in the "spring". I use spring loosely, because she would typically send it to me between my birthday and Valentine's Day.

I love surprises. Granted, the packages always contained a few specific items. Always cookies. Always supplies for school. Always some sort of food to hide away in my dorm room.

There were always the unexpected surprises. My dad would have the packages shipped from his warehouse. Since I would work there in the summers, I knew the people in the warehouse. They would be given the job of packaging it up and sending it out. Imagine my surprise when I received a package one time that had been foamed. By foamed, I don't mean those little foamy peanuts. I mean foam. That sprays out of a shower head thing into the box, and it's hot. And then it turns hard. It took several people several minutes to finally get that box open!

Turning 20 was what seemed to be a turning point. No more a "teenager", but one step closer to being adult. (Although sometimes I don't know now if I reached adulthood yet.) This particular package was full of additional surprises. Twenties. Not bills. But, twenties. Twenty paper clips. Twenty post it notes. Twenty hearts. And cleverly done too. A candle holder had hearts around the top. There was a heart necklace---- all added up to twenty.

BUT, one thing I still have now is a ziplock of pennies. Twenty pennies. Twenty pennies from the year I was born. AND, twenty pennies, one from each year of my life.

I love the memory.

So, each day, as you celebrate your life remember:
  • Life is precious.
  • Each day is full of memories.
  • Remember them.
  • Look for the good in everyone around you.
  • Forget the bad.
  • Send me a package. I'll give my my address. (kidding, kidding!)
Here's to another year!


Jenilee said...

packages are so fun. :) it sounds like your mom always did a great job with that! I love the 20 pennies idea. Happy Birthday!!!! Wish I could give you a REAL HUG for your special day. So a cyber one will have to do... HUGS!

Stephanie Hunter said...

Thank you friend.
Hugs back to you.
One day we will get to see each other for real!