Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here and There and in Nebraska

(I've been writing in my mind. Does that count?)

The past few months have been filled with STUFF. Work stuff. Friend stuff. Family stuff. School stuff. You get the picture, or the story. Plenty of things to write about. I WILL be writing about my trip to Texas, which was amazing, and fast and a lot of fun. I also went to my amazing friend's (and teacher) school this last week and actually taught! a few lessons, which confirmed that I'm actually doing something that I want to do! It's easy sometimes to get caught up in the work, and I forget what I'm working TOWARD.

This weekend I am in Nebraska (go Huskers!) with one of my longtime friends, and one of my best friends in the whole wide world! It's a quick weekend, but full of "visiting" (as I like to say), lots of hugs and kisses, baby cuddles and pump-cakes. (Pumpkin cupcakes- can everyone say YUM!) Yesterday we strolled through the pumpkin patch which was full of smelly animals (spitting camels, goats, sheep) and well, pumpkins. We went on a hay rack ride and I snapped pictures of the amazing countryside. (Pictures that I am sure are only enjoyable to me! But beautiful none the less.) The sun was bright, and the leaves looked like fire. It was an amazing day.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to my life. But for now, I need to go. Josh and Melissa just walked out with some meat and cheese and I wanna eat a snack.

If you are a reader, and you would actually read what I wrote, would you mind hopping over down to the comment section and leaving a nice little note?! =)


Jenilee said...

I ALWAYS read when you WRITE!!! :) Have fun with Josh and Melissa! :) Love you!

Rita Cline said...

i also always read your blog...when you write that is! btw....hopping.....not hoping in your italics text at the bottom! :)

Stephanie Hunter said...

Thanks girls!
And, thanks Rita, I fixed it!