Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday- Encouraged by Jenilee

My friend Jenilee has been posting about "Tackle it ---day" and I decided today was the day!
I have always found "under the sink" to be scary. It doesn't matter where it is, kitchen, bathroom, my house, your house, "under the sink" is a freaky place. All that being said, the cabinet under my kitchen sink has been a catch all for who knows what. I haven't wanted to spend too much time down there. Today, however, I was inspired. Within 5 minutes I found extra trash bags, and household cleaner- all ready to be used! Not only that, but some rather old and unwanted items found there way OUT THE DOOR!

Five minutes and the scariness is gone!
Under the sink, not so scary now!
Thanks for the motivation Jen!!!

Clean sink (bathroom)

New cleaners (new found anyways!)

Trash- not the shoes of course!

Happy Face!!


Jenilee said...

Go Stephanie!!! :) LOVE this! doesn't it feel good to tackle something?

Stephanie said...

Yes- I think I might start making this a weekly thing! I have a whole list of things to do. I think I'm gonna plan to go through it every Tuesday!

Tina said...

Love the Happy Face picture and great idea - Tackle it Tuesday. I might have to start that.

rit said...

LOL....whatever works! LOL!