Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Call Me REE

Bear with me as I tell you a story.

I have a friend who seemed to have the need for a new middle name. I started calling her Lou. It seemed appropriate given her first name. Along the way she decided that I needed a new name too. So, she took my middle name (Rene'e) and started calling me Ree. Six years later, here we are still Lou and Ree.

Not too long ago I started wondering if "Ree" meant anything. Surely, it wasn't a real name. Surely, it meant something, had some type of a definition. I decided to do what any normal, reasonable, grown up person would do- I Google'd the name, my name.

I must admit that I was very pleased when I found this. I must ALSO admit that I was a little surprised as well. Who knew that Ree would mean exactly what it did. I have on many occassion been called, "a little goofy," "weird," "strange," etc, but "Rare Earth Element?" Rare implies something new that I never thought of before. Rare implies that I am Unique. Unique implies that I am Exceptional. Matchless. Irreplaceable. And since I live on the earth and made it through elementary school- this fits. Ahhhh... I like that. Yes, I like being Ree.

Aren't we all a little in need of knowing we are like Lutetium? (This one sounded very cool, plus who doesn't like Paris?)

It has of course, taken me quite a while to accept that My Lou isn't the first one to give me the name Ree. By now if you read this blog at all you know that I am talking about God. God, whom I have known all my life, has been speaking to me in different ways over the last few months. Ways that I never let Him before. In saying that, I am saying that He has shown me how with a PURPOSE he made me. He knew my name before my parents knew I was on my way. He knew the laugh that He would give me. He knew that I would have a strange sense of humor and that I would find my own jokes hilarious even when everyone else would look at my with strange expressions. He knew and He made me this way on purpose.

And you know what, I'm a fan of whatever He has in mind for me. I don't quite know all of the plans yet, but I'm a fan.

It's me, just me.
You can call me Ree.

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