Monday, December 29, 2008

My Personal Self Help Book

Recently I've been looking back over the last few months of my life (Probably because I'm aging even as I type --- Birthday countdown 29 days January 27 for those not sure of the math) and I've been trying to determine if I really have changed, or if it's all in my mind. Well, I'm going to go with I've really changed. All because self help book.

Some of you may have just gasped. Those are the books that everyone hears about, everyone is reading, but no one will actually ADMIT to being a reader. Well, today I am standing unashamed in saying, oh I have one. Now in my opinion, since that's the only opinion i currently have to hear, most people have at one point or another either, considered buying a self help book (paying of course with cash only), considered reading a self help book (except if you check it out at the library and they are electronic, it would be down in history that you checked it out!), read the cover and the back cover and a few pages throughout of a self help book, borrowed one from a friend...I could continue. My point being at some time, most people believe that they are in need of "self help." If that is not you, I'm impressed that you are bothering reading, because I will tell you I need all the help I can get!
Anyways, I have recently taken on an appreciation for self help books. There are a few things though that I think should be observed:
  1. They don't say anything we don't already know,
  2. They don't say anything our friends and family haven't already tried telling us- you just paid to hear it again from a stranger, and
  3. Numbers one and two sum it up, so I guess I only have 2 points.
That being said I have also discovered that a book I already owned in my possession was actually a self help book. Amazing! I know I OWN one.
And to top it all off- It's all inclusive.
My self help book discusses any topic you ever might could need! (Yes, I said might could):
  • Relationships- Check.
  • Money- Check.
  • Time Management- Check.
  • Self Value- Check.
  • Being kind to others- Check.
  • Anger problems- Check.
Over the last few months I have gained a new appreciation for my self help book. I would say that by consulting it frequently I have really learned more about myself, and more about others.

Sometimes we just need a new perspective outside of ourselves to really see the truth and really see the light. I will close my rambling with one additional thought. Sometimes we place our value in the opinion of another. We decide on our "beauty" or intelligence or whatever simply if someone decides to look at us and grant us his/her attention. It is a powerful thing when a person can determine that he/she is beautiful or intelligent or WORTH IT simply because God made us.

That my friends, is what I have learned. And, it's been worth the trip getting here.

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