Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charlotte -Into Day One!

She's alive!

I survived my flight- only an hour and thirty minutes I might add- and made it saftely to the apartment building. Since then I know how to get to work and how to get to the grocery store. Um, that's all I have found so far. I can succesfully navigate around the apartment complex and find my building. Over the next few days I'm sure I will figure more of my way around.
The friendly Avis people Joselyn and David. They were SO helpful in assisting me and my roommate in getting our rental cars:

Here is Mike our Avis driver from the airport to our actual rental cars:
(Just to add a side note- Mike was a police officer and a weight lifter in the past)
Look at my cute shoes in the reflection of the rearview mirror!

On to the apartment tour:

The Living Area-
My Bedroom-
(There's also a pretty good sized tv in there)


Laundry room-
Probably my favorite rom in the whole apartment (many of you know why)!

Dining room-

My Bathroom-
View from the balcony-

(It's been raining since we got here)

And the final, but super important part of my stay- My roommate Melissa!

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Rita said...

the apartment is nice....what is your return date to Chicago?