Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday's Great Trip

So, my week started out like every Monday morning.
I was a little on the tired side. A little groggy. Ready for bed.
On the plus side, the day looked warm, and bright and sunny.
(Keep in mind this story takes place in morning rather than in the evening.)

On my way up the stairs I admired the lovely bush flower thing along side the path.

Moving along quickly the next thing I knew...

I came face to face with the cement steps.

I had never planned on meeting them the way that I did, and hopefully I never will again.
As I laid sprawled out on the steps I debated getting up, going back to bed and sleeping until Tuesday morning, however, I did not do that. I slowly picked myself up and took note of my injuries. My toe (second toe in line on my left foot) was totally scraped and swollen, the top of my right foot was also scraped, I pulled my back muscle and felt that I had been punched in the diaphragm. On top of that, I hurt my finger.

I would like to report that I am on my way back to a full recovery.
Thank you for your prayers.


Rita said...

how did you manage this?

Stephanie said...

I wish I knew so that I could never repeat it again- but I'm clueless.

Rita said...

LOL! you poor girl!

awake said...

i have that purple flower! it's catmint. :)