Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wild Weather

This morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning. For a moment I thought that it was weird weather because it was February, but then I remembered that it was March so it didn't seem as strange. Then, just another moment later I realized it was still weird. There are inches and inches of snow on the ground, and yet it was thundering?
So I got up, got ready and went outside to leave for work. Then I realized something even stranger was happening. Not only was there thunder and lightning, but there was something akin to a clear slushy falling from the sky and covering the ground. It was a thick combination of snow and rain and ice, and it was, very....well, wet.
It made the drive to work somewhat interesting as snow plows drove along trying to clear the streets of the slush. Which, by the way makes NO sense. Not only would the new falling slushy fill in the holes immediately, but the snow plows would spray the slush hazardly on all the oncoming traffic. That in and of itself caused even more hazardous road conditions as drivers swayed out of the way to save their lives from any oncoming... slush.
Well, Happy March Everyone!

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rit said...

that is sooo weird! you win the weirdest weather award for today!