Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Passed!

Yesterday for the very first time I experienced a Vehicle Emissions Test for my car. (In Missouri I think I had to take a work vehicle, but I don't really remember- and it wasn't my car). Indiana does not have this type of a test for vehicles.

So, I took a deep breath and faced the music. It was very exciting. You pull up a gate outside a white building. A ticket pops out (like when you are going to a parking garage). You have to then follow the yellow lines and pull up to the cone. An attendant waves you forward, asks for ticket, and sternly instructs you to sit in park and not move. Then you drive forward, and again are told to go into park. This time, however, you have to get out of the car and stand to the side while they hook up a gadget to your car. Next, you get inside the car and have to pull forward to another cone.

Fortunately, the tunnel of "doom" really wasn't all that dreadful. The VETG (Vehicle Emissions Test Guy) came out and stated almost gleefully that I passed. He started to walk away, but I hollered after him, "What do I do now? I'm new." He told me very nicely that I save the paper in my glove box, and throw away the "invitation" that I had received in the mail. I was then free to drive away.

The Point of the Story:
Don't be afraid of the VET.

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rit said...

what a relief that you passed!