Monday, January 15, 2007

Experience of a Lifetime

You will never believe what I had the opportunity to do-

I went to Chilis! Okay, so that really in and of itself is not an opportunity of a lifetime considering it's my favorite restaurant (I love their chips and ranch).

It was about two weeks ago, and it was a Sunday night. I went spur of the moment with my friend Karen. We arrived to the favorite hangout where there was no wait. Unfortunately after we sat down we were forgotten for about seven minutes. Score for us, however, because when they finally remembered that we were there they offered us FREE chips and salsa. By that time we were ready to order. The waitress kindly took down our choices. Suddenly, there was this flash of light outside the restaurant, and then everything went black. The emergency lights kicked in, and there we were- sitting in Chili's, with no lights. No only was Chili's out of power- the entire strip was without power, along with hundreds of residential homes. My imagination, of course, kicked in at that point, and I began to think of all the possible scenarios. (I am a fan of 24.)

In reality- a transformer blew, causing a section of the area to lose electricity for about 2 hours.
Karen and I sat in the darkness and were some of the last people to leave. We sat talking, munching on chips and salsa and drinking our water, and had ourselves a good ole time!

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