Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Me and My Toyota

"Wherever I go, he goes..."
Okay I think that was a My Buddy commercial. But, it still holds true in regards to my relationship with my car. Wherever I go my Toyota goes. For some people that might not mean a lot, but considering I live in the world of commuters it does mean a lot to me. My travel time back and forth from work every day can average any where from 1 1/2 to 3 hours a day. I realize that some people commute even further, but sometimes it feels like I live in my car.

So yesterday I left work, and drove to meet up with a friend at Baker's Square. What normally should take only 15-20 minutes actually turned into 40, but I finally made it. Relieved I turned into the parking lot. Unfortunately, I have never mastered by right hand turns. So, I hit a curb. Actually I did more than hit it. I think that both wheels on the right side of my car when up on the curb, across the little grassy area, and then landed back down safely on the parking lot. I tried to stay calm. This is not a new experience, although the jolting was loud and somewhat troublesome, I thought, hey, I'll get out check my car and it'll all be fine. Fortunately, my car was okay. My tire, however, was not. I got back in my car and drove 20 seconds until I slid carefully into a parking spot. By that time, my tire was almost completely flat.

This is new for me. I have never had a flat tire before. On top of that, I have never ruined a tire beyond repair. But, that is the case. I have ordered a new tire which has arrived safely and in about four hours will be positioned neatly on my car.

In trying to look at the positives this is what I have learned:
1.) My insurance will reimburse for someone to tow my car and to put on a spare tire. (Although they will not pay for the new tire).
2.) I do not have a jack in my car (I need to get one of those).
3.) You can drive about 40-50 mph on a doughnut (depending on who you talk to and what your car book says).
4.) To take extreme caution when turning right.
5.) It's cheaper to order a specialty tire on-line than from the dealer directly.

I hope all of you can learn from my experience.

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rit said...

how funny! i tried not to laugh but let's face it...i did! yikes came to mind as well too! you poor thing! hope all is well with the car and watch those right turns!