Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cue the (dot dot dot) that Comes after more Waiting....

I quit.

Literally. I quit my job.  I have never and will never be one of those people who just says to someone on the edge of a life altering moment say, "Jump!" unless it's with absolute certainty that God is pushing them in that direction.  It has not been time to leave until that moment.  It was a Wednesday, March 13th to be exact (1 day shy of being 3 months ago). I went to bed and I knew that it was time. While friends and family knew I was going to move...eventually, it hadn't happened yet, life moves on,  and I wasn't really discussing it.

I woke up resolved. Had my resignation letter in hand, and written and saved in email, and asked my manager for a meeting.

He sighed. Loudly, and put his head down and said he was not looking forward to this day. I cried. But, it was done. I had given the two weeks notice to the job I had worked so hard to get. 

But, God.

Less than a week before I was moving, my co-manager asked me if I would be willing to work through the month of April; while a new manager was located, set into place; while I was looking for a new job. 

Of course. 
She said, "More to come."

(I have found these are my three favorite words from this lady. More to come.)

Later that afternoon, she pulled up a chair and informed me about a the possibility of another "virtual" opportunity. Would I be interested in giving it ago? Never a guarantee, but the promise of an opportunity (working from home in my pajamas!) sounded good. With ten years (almost) under my belt, (and all that vacation time!) I said of course, yes.

As of my last post, I was still waiting on the word. I had interviewed, multiple times, with the necessary people. I was waiting for word. Waiting when I knew, knew what was coming. Waiting nonetheless.

I did get the job.

"Seems like we all think God needs our help, but mostly, we just want him to hurry. Sometimes, He just lets us wave our arms, and flail around until we get tired enough to be still and pay attention to him." ~ Wise Uncle Robert (This is really my Uncle Robert)

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Freedom Kreutzer said...

Yay!!! glad things worked out for you :)